10 Style Tips for Men

10 Style Tips for Men


I recently created a Style Tip List for men. It provides easy to follow insight on how to create a balanced and stylish wardrobe. In this post I break down each style tip.

1. Start with the basics. First, build a wardrobe with a foundation of staple pieces. Then, sprinkle in trend pieces that mesh well with your personal style. 

This is a key step to establishing a versatile and reliable wardrobe. Basics or staple pieces, such as the navy blue blazer and a dark tailored pair of jeans are the building blocks of an efficient and stylish wardrobe. Once the basics are covered, feel free to mix things up by adding a stylish blend of trend pieces. This will give you balance while keeping you current and chic.

2. Never compromise proper fit. Fit is extremely essential to an efficient wardrobe. 

This is one of the most important elements to consider regarding your personal style. I always use the phrase “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” The concept is simple, you should strive to attain the perfect fit from all of the items within your wardrobe. Yes, this can be a stretch but think of some of the advantages of this – Increased confidence and an efficient wardrobe. Don’t know your sizes? No problem, don’t guess just get measured. Knowledge is power right?

3. Find a great tailor and stick with them.

A great tailor is similar to your barber or hair stylist – they deserve your loyalty. They will help ensure that your clothing fits you appropriately. Also, as you consistently work with them they begin to develop a good grip on all of your fit and style preferences. Convenient right? By the way, all of the items you’re not wearing because they are outdated or fit poorly, they can potentially give them a new lease on life.

4. Invest in a well fitting suit. (Start with a navy or charcoal option)

Let’s just be honest, a suit that fits well is something that will always be considered a staple item in a modern man’s wardrobe. The fit is extremely important – Start with the shoulders. The shoulder seam of the suit should rest where the wearers shoulder and arm meet. The lapel of the jacket should lie cleanly and flatly across the chest without puckering outward. If this happens – try sizing up. As for the waist of the jacket, it should conform and taper in slightly near the top button. This gives the suit a tailored look without being overly slim. The length of the jacket is sometimes based on personal preference. Some guys like their jacket longer, some like them shorter. I always say – the jacket should at least cover your seat. Lastly, the sleeves should fall right at the point where the hand meets the arm. Now onto the pants.  Pants should fit snug in the waist without being too tight. They should also be tailored through the thigh and tapered slightly near the ankle, and fall right at the top of the shoes. A navy or grey suit is appropriate for just about any situation that requires you to wear one, so start there. For any alterations needed to take the suit from good to great, see that tailor we told you to find.

5. Own a versatile pair of brown and black dress shoes.

For those times that you are wearing one of your beautifully tailored suits, or simply attending date night with your significant other – you may want to have a pair of these on stand by. By owning both colors, you’ll be prepared for any scenario that may require a dressier footwear option. Also keep in mind, these look great with dark indigo jeans(make sure they are fitted through the leg while tapering slightly near the ankle). Here at S&T we favor cap toes, however wingtips are an appropriate option also. Just please….No Square toes. When starting off your collection, opt for a medium brown to dark brown tone. These just simply look the best when worn with a navy or grey suit. As for the black pair…well, you know – black is black.

6. Invest in quality cedar wood trees to help preserve and maintain the shape of your shoes.

I always say, “If you take care of your shoes, your shoes will take care of you.” Each time you wear your leather shoes, moisture is created. Cedar wood trees help to absorb the moisture while preserving the natural shape of your shoes. Some even offer a fresh scent which helps to keep odor to a minimum. So when you’re investing in your shoes, make sure to pick up a few of these also.

7. Know what works for your body type and stick to the program.

We can all agree that depending on our build, certain silhouettes, styles, and fits work better than others. The key is to know which items work better for your specific body type. This is one of the most powerful concepts that you can learn regarding your personal style. Once you understand what works, you’re able to make smarter wardrobe decisions. You’ll also begin to build a wardrobe that only houses items that work well for you. Efficiency at its finest.

8. Find a great fitting white button down shirt and buy it. It will NEVER go out of stye. 

This is by far one of the easiest items of clothing any man can own. It’s versatile, classic, and modern all at the same time. However it does have a shorter shelf life due to the potential or should I say inevitable staining around the collar and/or sleeve cuffs. Keeping this in mind, its never a bad idea to double or even triple up on this piece. Look for one that’s tailored appropriately without being too slim.

9. Create a wardrobe that performs well in any circumstance you find yourself in.

Think of your lifestyle – There are countless scenarios that you most likely find yourself in. From days at the office to business dinners or, even weekends with the kids – you need a fully functioning wardrobe to keep you stylish and comfortable wherever you’re lifestyle may take you. With a wardrobe of this magnitude you’ll always be prepared and not to mention one of the best dressed.

10. Wear it with Confidence 

Your personal presentation definitely affects your confidence and/or self esteem. Our inner confidence is an attribute that is critical to our success. When we possess it, we can accomplish great things. If our confidence is low or nonexistent, how can we truly maximize our potential? With that said, strive to wear things that make you look and feel great and watch your confidence sky rocket. I actually wrote an interesting take on this topic titled, “Why Dressing Well is Critical.” Give it a read.


Dustin Byrd

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