Why Dressing Well is Critical – Confidence

Whether you are preparing for a potential life changing job interview or you’re simply attending a business function, looking the part and dressing appropriately should be considered a priority. There are so many reasons to dress well, but today our focus is confidence. Your appearance and the manner in which you present yourself is your first opportunity to speak a positive message prior to your verbal introduction. It’s even more powerful when your verbal message and your image presentation are in alignment and represent you in the best way possible.

There’s a much deeper connection to our clothing than most of us acknowledge. Have you ever been in a situation when you didn’t feel confident in your appearance, and it affected either your confidence or performance in a negative manner? I’m sure you have. My narrative isn’t centered in the notion that if you dress well you’ll be successful. I just happen to passionately believe that dressing well and presenting yourself in the most positive manner is an ingredient in the formula of success. So let it work for you and not against you. Our inner confidence is an attribute that is critical to our success. When we possess it, we can accomplish great things. If our confidence is low or non-existent, how can we truly maximize our potential? Here are some of the benefits of dressing well:

  1. It leads to higher levels of confidence. (When you feel confident in your appearance you generally feel confident about yourself and your abilities
  2. It can help to increase personal productivity and efficiency
  3. It can positively influence self-directed beliefs regarding one’s self esteem


It is critical to feel confident in our appearance in order to present our best selves. We should strive to dress appropriately for any situation we find ourselves in. Let your image presentation serve as positive reinforcement for you and make dressing well a priority.

Stay Sharp & Move in Style




Dustin Byrd

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