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Incredible weather, beautiful beaches, and premium shopping options? Count me in. I’m all about providing excellent experiences and next level service. So I decided to head to Miami to change the scenery and shop with a client. The mission was simple. Curate a stylish array of spring/summer pieces to prepare my client’s wardrobe for the seasonal shift. Shopping trips are extremely beneficial for both the client and I. Not only do they offer an ultra appealing opportunity for them to line their wardrobes with beautiful handpicked garments, they also allow us to further our rapport and solidify the relationship.


As a stylist, one of the most critical things we must do is Listen. So in listening, I was able to discover that my client was a bit disappointed in the offerings of our local fashion retailers. Miami was sure to provide us more stylish options as well as some incredible rooftop views. I know, that was totally unrelated to style but hey its apart of the allure of Miami that I’ve grown to love. Ok, back to the clothing. We started the shopping session with a visit to the iconic Louis Vuitton. Shoes and accessories were the focus here. We were able to score a pair of beautiful oxblood bluchers featuring a damier embossed vamp. These were the perfect color and the perfect style – not to mention they were extremely comfortable. All of which made these a great buy. We added a few more pieces to the mix then we decided to head to the fitting room to try on the pieces I handpicked for him.

As my client enters the fitting room, he is greeted with a multitude of spring/summer pieces that would certainly benefit his already stylish wardrobe. I selected a variety of lightweight blazers, modern polo shirts, as well as tailored jeans and sporty sneakers. I didn’t stop there, I personally walked him through each look demonstrating how to wear and explaining the versatility. One of my favorite looks from the many I styled is the one above. It features an olive linen jacket paired with a slim patterned polo and a slip on sneaker for a chic and sporty vibe. This look is perfect for summer outings on the town, or any rooftop event where top shelf alcohol is involved. Speaking of  alcohol, by this point we shopped so intensely that we both needed a drink. So much so we decided to celebrate our successful day at a stylish outdoor bar. The weather was perfect for it. Pinot Grigio and oceanfront views – another day at the office right? Cheers to a successful adventure.







Dustin Byrd

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