Personal Style…what is it? 


Defining your Personal Style 

I get asked quite frequently, how does one develop their own personal style? I mean, the type of style that is unquestionably yours. Of course, this leads to interesting dialogue each time. With a myriad of style options to choose from and countless fashion editors telling you what to wear, this can possibly be a challenging feat…Information overload right? You’re so inspired by all of the season’s newest trends that you don’t even know where to begin. I get it, trust me. Personal style shouldn’t be anything that feels or appears contrived. It should just….ya’know, flow. As we all know, natural style is style at its best. It appears unrehearsed yet perfected. Charming if you would.



Your personal style should be comprised of a multitude of elements that represent you authentically. It should be a form of communication stating all things representative of you. Think of it as a symbol of your own personal ethos. So your apparel choice should always remain true to your likes, interests, and values. Allow your style to serve as your own unique and creative sartorial perspective. For instance, as my style has progressed I’ve developed a strong affinity for vintage inspired trousers. On the other hand, streetwear elements still reside in my DNA. So being the self-proclaimed retro-modernist that I am, the dichotomy between those two worlds are quite interesting to me. As you see here, I have paired a pinstriped wool trouser with an updated classic white low top sneaker. These two worlds are totally unrelated, but yet blend so naturally. That to me, is what creating your own personal style is truly about – finding pieces that inspire and speak to you while conveying a personal message from you to the world. Oh yea, while looking damn good in the process.


Of course, fit is a requirement and shouldn’t be ignored. As the old saying goes, if it doesn’t fit you must acquit. We won’t discuss where this phrase comes from, however just be aware that it is fitting for the world of fashion also. Here’s an idea to master, find clothing options that flatter your specific body type and colors that work well with your skin tone. Get to know those items – they should live in your wardrobe. Consider this, items that fit well are known to lead to a fully functioning wardrobe and an increase in confidence. All good things right? Right.





Dustin Byrd

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