Our Story

Personal Styling and Image Consulting is the Sharp + Timeless virtue. Established in 2011, Sharp + Timeless functions as a full-service image consulting firm offering personal stylists that specialize in making first impressions lasting ones. We cater to our clients needs in personal shopping, styling for events, fashion photography styling, wardrobe management and corporate branding presentations. Based in Raleigh, N.C. our services can be performed locally, or in our clients locale, upon request.

Possessing a desire to modernize the image consulting industry, Founder Dustin Byrd cultivated years of experience in the fashion and customer service industries to develop a time saving approach at the client’s convenience. He draws on global elements, incorporates modern and staple pieces, and infuses textures and patterns all to ensure that your sense of style conveys who you are before the introduction.

Dustin Byrd Sharp & Timeless Image Consulting
Dustin K. Byrd

From a very tender age, Dustin Byrd has always possessed a unique passion for fashion and personal style. So much so, that he would spend hours in his closet creating outfits to wear for the entire week. This love for fashion and all that it encompasses followed him throughout his schooling as he earned his Bachelors Degree in Fashion Textile Management from The NC State University. Throughout his collegiate years he acquired technical working knowledge in design, product development, as well as brand marketing and management. These years truly strengthened his passion and assisted him in carving out his ultimate niche. Styling and servicing.

Throughout his career, Dustin was able to cultivate years of experience while working with premium luxury entities such as Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. Not only is his passion for styling palpable, he also truly believes in and implements superior service. He views his clients as family and journeys to help them discover and appreciate their own sense of style. Through his craft he will continue to educate others on the importance of dressing the part and truly learning to embrace their personal style. So on behalf of Mr Byrd, we invite you to move in style. Cheers.