Styling a Client – The Process

The process of assisting a client with their personal style is a very rewarding one. It’s incredible to know that I took part in enhancing or increasing someones confidence. To see them light up and radiate that certain glow that says “Damn, I look good and I feel good” is such a powerful thing to witness and be apart of. There are so many variables to consider when I’m styling a client. With something as personal as style, clients need to be guided and also feel that their needs and ideas are being heard.

There’s a lot of rapport building and discovery that is initially done prior to any shopping session. My goal is to learn as much as I can regarding a client’s lifestyle, style preferences, as well as any challenges that they may be facing regarding their wardrobe or the shopping process. I capture this information through a “Lifestyle Capture Sheet” which is completed prior to our first meeting. It’s a brief yet thoughtful questionnaire designed to discover a client’s personal style preferences. This insight is extremely important to the process. It allows me to find out exactly what they are looking for and how I can efficiently assist them.

Once I have a solid grip on the needs of the client, I then create a personalized style plan. This highlights their style goals and provides them a step by step guide on how we will achieve them. Next, we shop..I prepare the fitting room with several options that I feel will address their needs and preferences. I have them try everything on and we discuss each look. I explain how to wear as well as when to wear. One of the main pillars of my philosophy is versatility. My goal is to empower them by showing them all of the stylish ways to wear the pieces. Clothing is meant to be worn confidently not to simply be hung in a closet and collect dust. Once a client feels great in something they will always revert back to it. That’s the feeling I want all of my clients to feel in regards to their wardrobe.




Dustin Byrd

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