Styling The Lifestyle with Skylar Tankard

Our personal style and how we present our image is extremely vital to our day to day itinerary. It must authentically represent our values while appropriately meshing with our lifestyle. This series will highlight the lifestyles of my clients and how their personal style is essential in helping them to present the best representation of themselves on a consistent basis.

 Skylar Tankard

Luxury Furniture Designer

First up is Skylar Tankard. He’s a luxury furniture designer based in Raleigh, NC. With a focus on utilizing eco-friendly materials and processes, his designs are not only chicly assembled but carefully constructed with the environment in mind.


What inspires your work?

Much of it comes from awareness and being able to unplug when needed so that my creativity isn’t blocked. I find inspiration everywhere. Anything from an underground subway to an outdoor park – nature is a huge influence. While in Denver, I observed some of the modern architecture there – and I found myself counting the number of squares and rectangles in the architectural build of a home.  So I try and find inspiration in any situation.

How important is personal style to you?

Very important. Personal style is all about expression. It gives me an opportunity to differentiate myself and have fun with my wardrobe. I realize its the first thing people notice, so it’s imperative that it represents me in the best way possible.



How does your personal style tie into your lifestyle?

My personal style ties in tremendously with my day to day work. Everyday I try to create some of the most high quality and exclusively limited products that I can – so my style is a reflection of that. I make pieces that are unique and 1 of 1, and through our relationship you’ve helped me add pieces to my wardrobe which ultimately assisted me in developing a style that’s 1 of 1. My work is original as is my personal style.

How does your personal style impact and influence your work?

My work is heavily influenced by modern day Scandinavian design. I spent some time in Copenhagen and found myself extremely inspired by their take on fresh minimalism. So naturally this has segued into my own style as you’ve introduced me to a variety of Scandinavian brands of which I love.




When do you feel most confident regarding your style?

When the setting coincides with my outfit, that’s when I feel most comfortable. You have really helped me to discover what works and what I find to be comfortable. This is great for me because I don’t have to second guess when I’m getting dressed, I just roll with it. This saves me a lot of time, and we all know how important time is.

What do you value most about your style?

Quality without question. I’m always interested to know where and how the materials are sourced and where the garment is made. Fit is obviously very important to me as well, this adds to the comfort factor that we discussed. When I’m comfortable and stylish I feel more creative in my work.






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